About us

What we do

Clean, affordable
drinking water

Connecting poor communities to their city’s water network, providing safe water at an affordable price.

Safe, dignified

Ensuring clean, convenient, and safe toilets for communities, households and in schools.


Building resilient water and sanitation systems which meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s climate.

WASH for
women & girls

Providing infrastructure and services that
supports attendance in schools, safety while going to the toilet, and saves women


Helping build stronger utilities with better infrastructure, fewer leaks and improved customer services able to meet the needs of the poor.


Working with international and local financial institutions to unlock and direct investment which benefits low-income urban residents.

Improving policies
and regulation

Advocating for improved policies and regulations which underpin better services for both the poor and the environment.

Our approach

At WSUP, we recognise that water doesn’t just come out of a tap, it comes from a functioning system – not just made up of pipes and boreholes, but of the people, institutions, regulators, businesses and politicians who manage it.

In all our projects, we work alongside local stakeholders to develop services, build infrastructure and attract funding to improve the lives of men, women and children who live in the low-income communities that we serve.

Why WASH matters

Improved water, sanitation and hygiene services (WASH) underpin almost every other developmental goal. They are central to unlocking economic growth, improving education and employment opportunities, and creating climate resilience.

An introduction to WSUP

Founded in 2005 by seven organisations, WSUP plays a leading role in supporting the WASH needs of the urban poor. Initially, we were launched to support communities in six core countries but have since grown to manage long-term programmes in several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. Alongside this, WSUP has evolved a small consultancy arm, WSUP Advisory, which undertakes commercial consultancy work globally.