The WSUP Charity supports the improvement of water supplies and sanitation and the advancement of hygiene practices for low-income communities around the world.

About us

The WSUP Charity was registered in 2016 (reg. charity no. 1170651). We fundraise for, and distribute funds to, organisations that relieve poverty and suffering, primarily through the implementation of water, sanitation and hygiene projects in developing countries.

We work with implementing partners to help them access the funds necessary to achieve our respective aims – particularly when it is difficult for the partners to access funds alone.

Our primary implementing partner is WSUP – a not-for-profit company – whose projects help transform cities to benefit millions of people, primarily from low-income communities, who lack access to water and sanitation. However, we are open to funding other organisations if this is the best way of achieving our aims.

For all further information please contact the WSUP Charity via email to Please note that the WSUP Charity does not accept unsolicited enquiries for funding.