City leaders to highlight adaptation efforts in urban water at COP26

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On 11 November, WSUP along with city leaders from Lusaka, Maputo, and Nairobi will be sharing experiences of building urban resilience in the face of climate change.

Climate change is bringing a wealth of challenges to cities, such as heat rise, increased migration, flooding and impacts from extreme weather, and most of these are felt through water. While mitigation can reduce climate change, it cannot avoid all impacts making adaptation activities essential.

Join us at the Water Pavilion at COP26, a collaboration of over 30 organisations, governments and companies in the water space, where we will be highlighting adaptation and resilience efforts in cities.

Events at COP26:

Adaptation and resilience in urban water: Role of cities and utilities in National Adaptation Plans and Nationally Determined Contributions

14:00 – 15:30 GMT, 11th of November

Join us for a roundtable with city and infrastructure leaders from around the world on the role they play in contributing to the NDCs and the enablers and barriers they face in adapting and building water resilience in their cities, and hear about the role of tools and approaches, financing, and capacity building initiatives in supporting their progression. Including the participation of:

  • Christopher Mtonga,  Director of Public Health, Lusaka City Council

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Adaptation and resilience in urban water: Lessons from practice

15:45 – 17:00 GMT, 11th of November

In this session, we focus on how we can make cities more liveable and equitable through integrating water improvements into the very fabric of urban living. Focusing on water as a silo will not work: we need to integrate water into cross-sectoral transformations. Including the participation of:

  • Eden Mati, WSUP’s Country Programme Manager (Kenya)
  • Silva Magaia – Councilor for Land Planning, Infrastructure and Environment, Maputo (Mozambique)
  • Mario Kainga – Director for Water, Sanitation & Energy, Nairobi City County (Kenya)

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