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Delivering urban water and sanitation services which are affordable for the poor, financially viable for suppliers, and sustainable for the environment is not always straightforward.

We have created some deceptively simple games to share our insights into some of the complex challenges, choices and trade-offs required.

Why not have a go and test your skills and judgement? If you found these games useful and interesting, please share them with others.

The bottom line challenge

The water balance challenge

Educational resources

Professional training module for Masters-level students

Working together with WEDC (the Water, Engineering and Development Centre of Loughborough University), WSUP has created a Master’s-level professional training resource to provide engineers and other professionals an understanding of how to provide water and sanitation services in urban low-income communities. This resource is provided free of charge.

It is a context-adaptable training course around the provision of water and sanitation services in slums and peri-urban communities in low-income and low-middle-income countries. It centres around 45 hours of classroom time.

The course is designed for delivery as a module within masters programmes in Water & Wastewater Engineering, Urban Planning, or other relevant areas. The course can also be delivered as stand-alone professional training (i.e. not as part of a wider academic programme).