Partner with us

WSUP is a small organisation, but we make a massive impact thanks to our successful collaboration with partners – from multinational businesses, universities, regulators and governments. At the heart of all our partnerships is a commitment to sharing and disseminating knowledge gained during the projects for the sector to use at a national and international level.


Hear from our Chairman of the Board, Lord Paul Boateng, on the valuable role partnerships play to WSUP.


Our partnerships with companies and their foundations achieve lasting change for low-income communities who otherwise lack clean water and safe sanitation. They also help to preserve precious water supplies and contribute to a range of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Supporting WSUP demonstrates your company’s commitment to improving the lives of some of the world’s poorest communities. Such corporate support also enables us to leverage additional funding, increasing the positive impact that together we can make on people’s lives.

Government & Institutions

Partnering with many of the world’s leading governmental and institutional bodies allows WSUP to deliver effective, sustainable WASH solutions at scale. These funders choose to work with WSUP because they know our programmes represent value for money and that we will bring the expertise required to deliver sustainable and financially viable WASH solutions tailored to the specific needs of urban environments.

We offer technical assistance, research insights and sectoral expertise, both at a headquarters level as well as on the ground, to influence the global urban water and sanitation sector. We bring match-funding and in-kind support to programme delivery while ensuring sustainable access to WASH for low-income urban residents in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Trusts & Foundations

We partner with renowned trusts and foundations to deploy innovative models that make lasting improvements in WASH services for the urban poor.

Together with our trusts and foundations partners, WSUP improves water and sanitation services at scale, delivering lasting impact for the most vulnerable urban communities.

Whether the focus of your trust is improving WASH, the education of children, the empowerment of women, or the environment, we work closely with our trust and foundation partners to align your aims and objectives with our mission and goals, ensuring you remain involved throughout.


While many of our partners are large institutions, companies or foundations, we also rely on the generosity of individuals to support our work bringing affordable, clean water and decent toilets to low-income families living in urban slums. We value each one of our individual donors, some of whom prefer to remain anonymous.

We encourage gifts from individuals to be made to the WSUP Charity, which is a UK registered charity number reg. charity no. 1170651. Donations can be made easily online, through this website using any currency, or you can get in touch with us on

If you’re a UK taxpayer, your donation may be eligible for Gift Aid. If you’re a US taxpayer, please note that WSUP has been determined to have Equivalency to US public charity registration 501(c)(3).


One of the founding organisations of WSUP was Cranfield University, a place of world-leading post-graduate study on both WASH and management. Cranfield remains on our Board of Trustees, and we regularly present WSUP’s work to their students. However, we also have close relationships with many other leading academic institutions around the world, collaborating to improve knowledge and practice for the benefit of the poor.

Utilities & Regulators

We partner with the mandated water and sanitation authorities in all the cities where we work with long-term and tailored support. By working alongside them we can help them become stronger, more efficient businesses, better able to reduce leaks in their pipes and manage their balance sheet. But our key aim is to support the utilities to extend their networks to serve the poorer neighbourhoods, by providing adapted customer services which meet their needs and are affordable, even for the poorest households.

As well as working directly with utilities, WSUP also partners with national, regional and global regulators to drive up standards and improve services for the poor. We share our technical expertise, collaborate on research and advise on policies.

Like-minded organisations

WSUP is an active member of several coalitions and partnerships with other like-minded organisations, whether at national, regional or a global level. By collaborating with others, we can share our research and insights and can provide a louder, collective voice to press for the changes, investments, and priorities we see as vital to improve WASH for the urban poor. These include membership of the Toilet Board Coalition, WASH4Work and the Climate Resilient Coalition. We are always open to working with like-minded organisations on shared priorities, just email us to discuss your proposal.