WSUP publishes new Business Plan 2020-2025

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WSUP has today, World Cities Day, published its new Business Plan outlining its priorities for the period 2020-2025.

Read the Business Plan now:

WSUP Business Plan 2020-2025

The plan is based around five Strategic Goals, which reflect our vision for changing the ability of cities to provide basic services to the poorest residents.

Strategic Goals:

“There are 10 years to go until the deadline for the Sustainable Development Goals, and SDG 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation is well off track,” said Neil Jeffery, Chief Executive of WSUP. “To have any chance of meeting SDG 6, the world has got to start scaling up approaches that work.”

“Since our creation in 2005 we’ve been absolutely focused on finding mechanisms that can deliver improved water and sanitation at scale: not just in sporadic communities, but right across entire cities. Our new Business Plan is all about scale, and integrating our proven models into wider urbanisation programmes.”

“We hope you will join us to focus on this vitally important priority.”

Download the report now.