WSUP shows its stripes to highlight climate change in urban environments

Themes: Climate change Planning WASH Water

The 21st of June is international #ShowYourStripes Day, and to mark it we’ve adapted WSUP’s city skyline logo to incorporate the dramatic visualisation of our changing climate created by professor Ed Hawkins, from the University of Reading.

Climate change is already a reality and is only going to get worse in the years ahead. WSUP’s work helps conserve precious water supplies to meet the needs of growing urban populations in rising temperatures, and also strengthens sanitation infrastructure to reduce the risks of sewage overflow during flooding and heavy storms.

Visit the #ShowYourStripes website

At WSUP we’re determined to develop water and sanitation services for low-income, urban communities which can withstand the effects of our changing climate.

Some of the impact of high temperatures and changes in rain patterns already faced by vulnerable communities in parts of the world was the centre of our climate report. This new reality exposes, more than ever before, the urgent need to create more resilient systems in water and sanitation, capable of coping with the increasingly damaging effects of an increasingly warm planet.

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