WSUP support enables Madagascar utility to access EUR 71.5m in funding

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A 10-year programme of support from WSUP has helped the national water utility in Madagascar, JIRAMA, to secure a EUR 71.5 million investment package from the European Investment Bank, European Union, and Government of Madagascar.

The package consists of a loan of EUR 35 million and a grant of EUR 30 million from the EIB and the European Union, as well as a contribution of EUR 6.5 million from the Government of Madagascar, for the JIRAMA III Water Project.

The investment will enable JIRAMA to improve the drinking water supply system in the capital, Antananarivo, through investments in both water production and water distribution.

WSUP is also contributing to the JIRAMA III Water Project through an investment of EUR 2.5 million with the support of partners such as the Coca-Cola Foundation, USAID, DfID and Cartier Philanthropy.

WSUP has supported JIRAMA for over ten years to enable it to improve the performance of its water services, increase water capacity and extend water supply to unserved areas in the city and its peri urban communities. As a result of the support, JIRAMA has been able to extend community water facilities as well as tackle leaks, theft and poor billing (collectively known as non-revenue water).

In addition, WSUP provided input to the JIRAMA III Water Project at key stages of the project preparation, including strengthening JIRAMA’s non-revenue water and leakage management programme and providing technical assistance in preparing the establishment of JIRAMA’s Project Management Unit.

Video: see how WSUP is helping JIRAMA to protect Antananarivo’s most precious resource

“For the last 10 years, we have been committed to helping JIRAMA deliver improved water and sanitation services to the poorest urban residents,” said Sylvie Ramanantsoa, Madagascar Country Programme Manager.

“We’re so pleased now that JIRAMA has been able to secure new funding from the European Union, European Investment Bank and the Government which will play a major role in helping JIRAMA scale up its water services for the benefit of the most vulnerable.”

The Mandroseza II Bis water augmentation scheme in Antananarivo, which WSUP is supporting through our Water & Development Alliance programme in partnership with USAID and The Coca-Cola Foundation. Photographer: Tsilavo Rapiera

“The Bank of the European Union is pleased to be able to support Madagascar in the financing of many development projects crucial for the country, and wishes to become more involved, always alongside its partners, in infrastructure projects (roads, hydroelectric or energy) with a significant level of fight against climate change, in particular in terms of adaptation,” said EIB Vice-President Ambroise Fayolle in its press release.

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