Adapting and replicating a proven partnership model for urban sanitation: SWEEP in Chittagong

Themes: Faecal sludge management Market development Sanitation
Countries: Bangladesh

This Topic Brief explores the replication of a public-private partnership (PPP) that provides safe faecal sludge emptying and transport from on-site sanitation facilities such as pit latrines and septic tanks, marketed as ‘SWEEP’. Following a successful pilot period and subsequent expansion of SWEEP in Dhaka, WSUP is now replicating the SWEEP model in Bangladesh’s second largest city, Chittagong, and will soon be launching the service in the cities of Rangpur and Barisal.

This is the first time that WSUP has replicated a financially viable sanitation business model in a different city to where the pilot period took place: this publication shares the replication process and the lessons learnt to date for other sanitation service providers seeking multi-city expansion.