Evaluation of user experience outcomes of Clean Team service use

Project Duration March 2019 - March 2020 Category: Sanitation models, user behaviour and user experience Country: Ghana Delivered by: i-San
Themes: Container-based sanitation Evaluation Faecal sludge management Research Sanitation Urban Sanitation Research Initiative


This project will deliver an evaluation of the user experience outcomes of being a customer of Clean Team Ghana. Clean Team Ghana is a social enterprise providing container-based toilets for a monthly fee covering toilet rental and the container replacement service. Clean Team Ghana currently operates in the city of Kumasi.

This research will aim to generate evidence that is a) of wide value in Ghana and internationally for understanding the user experience impacts of container-based sanitation service models of this type, and b) of specific value to Clean Team Ghana in further improving their business model. The research should focus on user experience including i) satisfaction with aspects including for example smell and container replacement service, and ii) subjective wellbeing across a range of dimensions including dignity and security.

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