Follow up-on support for Uganda’s Mid-Western and Central Umbrellas for Water and Sanitation (CUWS)

Project Duration 2022-2024 Country Uganda Funder The World Bank
Themes: Advisory

Six small regional organizations providing technical support to water schemes managed by local town councils were transformed into substantial water utilities almost overnight in July 2017. They took over responsibility for managing piped water supply systems for small towns with populations of up to 57,000 people. They are currently directly managing 292 water supply systems and in future it is expected that they will be assigned a total of 1000 systems. In 2022, WSUP Advisory had the opportunity to support the largest Umbrella in Uganda (78 schemes under management at present, 32 still to be taken over and 6 new schemes to be added. The Umbrellas operations span 25 districts) by building on our work with the MWUWS and to help the Central Umbrella of Water and Sanitation address some of its specific operational challenges. The primary areas of intervention for this grant are supporting CUWS to improve organizational resilience through senior management development, addressing specific operational challenges such as energy consumption and equipment maintenance and use learnings from Mid-West region to help CUWS to become a performing utility.