Development of a sanitation business plan for Lilongwe

Project Duration October 2020 – June 2021 Country Malawi Funder UNICEF
Themes: Advisory

WSUP Advisory, in association with WaterAid Malawi, developed a Business Plan for the FSM value chain in Lilongwe City. A rapid appraisal of the city’s sanitation market was undertaken to inform the development of different service models and establish a shared understanding of the status of service provision and market drivers. The project assessed and compared different options/target sites and, the implications related to possible changes in existing tariff systems and mechanisms of cost recovery. It also included the review of opportunities for cross-subsidization of proposed sanitation fees with water supply, with local taxation systems as well as other potential revenue streams. The business plan strategy considered the full-service chain reflecting a City-wide Inclusive Sanitation (CWIS) approach. It included a 10-year vision with a 5-year fully costed operational plan to move Lilongwe City Council to facilitating and monitoring the market and ultimately, actively managing the market including measures that will lead to city-wide inclusive service coverage.