Study on the principles of Universal Access in Water and Sanitation

Project Duration January 2023-July 2023 Country Africa Funder World Bank
Themes: Advisory Research

The World bank commissioned WSUP Advisory to develop a position paper outlining principles for achieving universal access to water and sanitation services in Africa. The paper set out evidence-based principles for how universal access may be achieved and drew on case studies across Sub-Saharan Africa. The research was designed to respond to a corresponding need to develop clarity on evidence-based principles, to catalyse change, and to support decision makers across Sub-Saharan Africa in delivering inclusive services at a far greater scale. The paper set out the principles in line with key themes explored in previous world bank publications including: Utilities of the future, Policy, Institutions and Regulation (PIR), Financing, and City Wide Inclusive Sanitation and guiding sector documents.

WSUP Advisory conducted an analysis and selection of key principles through our understanding of literature and emerging trends, carried out consultation with world bank staff through interviews and workshops, included applicable case studies across Africa supporting each principle, conducted a wider document review and consultation with global experts and developed connected recommendations for implementation of each principle and enabler.