Professional, affordable pit-emptying services

Dhaka is the only city in Bangladesh with a sewer system, but only 20% of its population, mainly in high-income areas, is connected. With the lack of sewerage connections, most people use pit latrines and septic tanks which need regular emptying.

However, many people don’t have an affordable and safe service to empty the waste and transport it for proper treatment. It is common for people to employ manual pit emptiers working without protective equipment who take away the waste but just dump it in local rivers. This is dangerous and disgusting work, and poorly managed human waste damages the environment and contaminates water sources.

Since 2015, WSUP has been developing a solution to this challenge: a sanitation waste collection service known as SWEEP, which provides a professional service affordable even for the poorest residents while building profitable and sustainable businesses for local people. 

In addition to the benefits for workers and households, regular emptying of pit latrines is also important in the context of climate change and increasing floods.

“Climate change is skyrocketing the population of urban slums, even the envisioned citywide sewerage network might find it impossible to connect all those toilets. The scale-up of SWEEP can be the solution.”

– Engr. Sudip Basak, Superintending Engineer, Chattogram City Corporation, Bangladesh