Improving water and sanitation for low-income communities

WSUP acts as a bridge between local communities and service providers, helping to ensure that services are both financially viable, and meet the needs of the poorest citizens. We work with communities to ensure that new services are well planned, affordable, and can be managed by local residents and community groups so that the services are sustainable for the long term.

For many low-income households in Madagascar, having a tap inside their home is not yet a possibility. In response, WSUP introduced community run water kiosks, which the utility supplies at a reduced tariff. Since starting work in Madagascar, WSUP has built almost 800 community WASH facilities including water kiosks, laundry blocks and shared household connections, bringing water closer to local residents. 

WSUP has been implementing the RF2 (Rafitra Fikojana ny Rano sy ny Fahadiovana) model in Madagascar since 2011. RF2s are integrated WASH community-based organizations that use some of the revenue collected from water kiosks to provide local sanitation services, such as collection of solid waste, or cleaning drainage channels. WSUP has supported these community-based organisations in 99 Fokontany across the 3 cities of Antananarivo, Toliara and Mahajanga.

WSUP also promotes household investment into hygienic latrines and associated sanitation services, through a market-based approach and mentorship of social enterprises for the construction and installation of WASH facilities. WSUP has a network of Toilet Sales Agents who offer safe toilet upgrades at affordable prices, allowing people to pay in small instalments. This provides employment for the sales and installation teams, while providing dignity and choice for households.