Call for Applications: Exploring water inequalities in Kenya, Ethiopia and Bangladesh

The REACH global research programme (led by Oxford University with international partners and funded with UK aid from the UK Government) is offering researchers the opportunity to explore inequalities in three of REACH’s Observatories: Dhaka (Bangladesh), Wukro (Ethiopia) and Kitui (Kenya). 

A total of £150,000 in funding (£50,000 for each observatory) will be available until April 2019 to co-build knowledge on how water (in)security contributes to socio-economic inequalities and marginalisation, particularly for women and disabled people.

These studies will provide a unique opportunity for the recipients to develop an academic career in water security while contributing to the REACH programme’s aim to make five million people ‘water secure’ by 2022.

The original call can be found on the REACH website here, and more information on the three studies can be found here. Applicants are encouraged to apply early and to communicate their intention to apply before January 15th. Please direct all queries to

Image: Improved water services in Naivasha, Kenya. Credit: Frederic Courbet