Creating a safe and sustainable water supply for 50,000 low-income residents of Maputo

Themes: Non-revenue water Water
Countries: Mozambique Mozambique-local

Increasing urbanisation in Mozambique’s cities is placing ever-growing demand on water services, meaning many vulnerable urban residents have limited or no access to clean, piped water.

Together with Borealis, WSUP worked with the infrastructure asset owner FIPAG and small-scale operators in Maputo to extend the water network, repair water tanks and provide training on how to manage, operate and maintain the piped network. WSUP used high-quality HDPE PE100 pipes to increase the long-term impact of the project.

This has significantly improved the water supply for over 50,000 residents of Maputo as well as creating a more resilient water infrastructure that will mean fewer leaks and less maintenance needed in the long-term.

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