Empowering change through sanitation champions in Antananarivo

Themes: Gender Sanitation Water
Countries: Madagascar Madagascar-local

Randrianoelina Hobimalala, a single mother, harboured a deep-seated aspiration to work in sanitation and uplift lives. However, her lack of experience often left her feeling disheartened, as if her dream was a distant mirage. Then, a coincidental encounter with a Facebook advertisement for ‘Kabone Madio’ (Clean Toilet) altered the course of her life.

Upon seeing the advertisementHobimalala sensed a glimmer of hope. Her unwavering determination overshadowed her initial hesitations because she lacked experience, so she took a leap of faith and applied. Recognizing her potential, WSUP stepped in, providing the necessary training and support for her to flourish.

Hobimalala excelled as a Toilet Sales Agent (TSA). Armed with knowledge and passion, she convinced families to invest in improved sanitation and adopt healthy hygiene practices. Her hard work wasn’t just about sales but about creating lasting change. Over 22 months, she made a remarkable impact, influencing over 180 sanitation product sales and overseeing 81 toilet constructions. This significantly improved the community’s health and hygiene, benefiting over 2,000 people in Antananarivo.

Hobimalala’s dedication did not go unnoticed. WSUP, impressed by her leadership qualities and her team’s collective efforts, promoted her to Lead Supervisor in Mahajanga. She continued to excel there, motivating and guiding her team to even greater heights.

But Hobimalala’s vision extended beyond the project’s lifespan. Inspired by WSUP’s commitment to sustainability, she and her team took a bold step. They formed a local association, “Boeny Madio,” which was dedicated to promoting sanitation and hygiene practices in the community. This association, with its members including former beneficiaries and local leaders, would ensure the project’s legacy continued long after WSUP’s direct involvement ended.

Hobimalala’s story is a powerful testament to the transformative power of sanitation initiatives. It’s a story about believing in yourself, embracing challenges, and the ripple effect a single person’s determination can create. With her unwavering spirit and WSUP’s support, Hobimalala not only transformed from a Facebook applicant to a sanitation champion but also experienced personal growth and empowerment. Her journey is a shining example of how individual actions can leave a lasting impact on thousands in Madagascar.