New film for World Toilet Day: towards the 80% in Ga West, Ghana

Themes: Behaviour change Hygiene Market development Sanitation
Countries: Ghana Ghana-local

Complex problems require multi-faceted responses.

In Ga West, Ghana, we are creating a public-private response to sanitation.

The challenge is significant: like other urban centres in Ghana, around 80% of the population lacks access to a clean, safe toilet.

This has serious consequences for people’s dignity, health and ability to work or attend school.

But solving the challenge is not easy. It requires addressing issues such as:

  • Incentivising landlords to invest
  • Increasing public financing
  • Stimulating customer demand
  • Strengthening entrepreneurs

Our work has been supported by RVO, and delivered in partnership with Unilever’s soap brand, Lifebuoy.

“Sanitation is very important,” said Michel de Zwart, Senior Advisor, RVO. “Although more and more entrepreneurs are stepping into the sanitation market, the enabling environment remains difficult. By-laws and enforcement are essential but both need to be boosted, and local governments need to improve their revenue models.”

“Combining efforts between the private and the public sector is essential for making impact – as WSUP’s work in Ga West, developed under the Dutch programme Ghana Wash Window, demonstrates.”

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