WSUP Bangladesh and VF Corporation unveil comprehensive menstrual hygiene management handbook

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By Aklima Khatun

In a significant step towards improving menstrual health awareness and access to proper hygiene for women and girls, WSUP Bangladesh and VF Corporation, a leading global apparel company, have jointly unveiled a new menstrual hygiene management (MHM) handbook.

This comprehensive handbook provides essential information on menstrual hygiene practices, menstrual health, and the safe disposal of sanitary products. It is designed to be a valuable resource for Bangladeshi women and girls of all ages, addressing the cultural barriers and social stigmas often associated with menstruation.

WSUP Bangladesh Country Manager Mr. Uttam Saha emphasized that the handbook is a tool for empowerment, providing women and girls with the right information on MHM to ensure they manage menstruation hygienically, freely, and with dignity, breaking free from stigma or taboos.

“We hope this handbook will help our women and girls learn about menstrual products, hygiene, infrastructure and safe menstrual waste management. We believe that our collaboration with VF Corporation on this crucial initiative will greatly contribute to their overall health and well-being,” said Mr. Saha.

Through its innovative Worker and Community Development (WCD) initiative, VF Corporation has been establishing safe, stable working environments in factories producing VF’s products while simultaneously improving the lives of those in local communities beyond its factory walls.

The MHM handbook will be disseminated through various channels, including:

  • WSUP Bangladesh community outreach programs with local partners in schools, community centres, and healthcare facilities.
  • VF Corporation’s network of suppliers and partner factories in Bangladesh.

The launch of the MHM handbook marks a significant step forward in creating a more informed and empowered society where women and girls can manage their menstrual hygiene with dignity and confidence.