WSUP Kenya equips Nairobi Water informal settlements region staff for improved customer service in under-served communities

Themes: Customer experience
Countries: Kenya Kenya-local

By Philip Oruoch

As part of its partner institutional capacity building, WSUP Kenya facilitated a training session on effective customer service delivery for representatives from the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (Nairobi Water) Informal Settlements Region (ISR) department.

The ISR department is crucial in providing essential water and sanitation services to underserved communities in low-income areas, particularly informal settlements. These areas often need more infrastructure to access clean water and sanitation facilities.

Over 36 customer care and sociology personnel from the Nairobi Water ISR department were taught how to enhance their customer-centric approach, which involves understanding and meeting each customer’s unique needs.

Nakuru Water and Sewerage Service Company (NAWASCO) personnel facilitated the peer-to-peer learning sessions and shared their extensive experience serving informal settlements. The participants were taken through:

  • Identifying needs – Assessing the specific water and sanitation needs of informal settlements.
  • Service delivery – Implementing and maintaining water supply and sanitation systems tailored to these communities.
  • Community engagement – Building strong relationships with residents to ensure services are effective and sustainable in the long term.
  • Education and awareness – Raising awareness about hygiene and proper use of water and sanitation facilities.

“By equipping the ISR team with enhanced customer service skills, we aim to create a more responsive and sustainable water and sanitation service delivery model for informal settlement consumers. Furthermore, prioritizing customer centrism enhances the quality of the utility services, fosters trust and loyalty, and has a lasting positive impact on its consumers,” said Mr Philip Oruoch, WSUP Kenya Programme Manager – Nairobi and Mavoko.

Nairobi Water Informal Settlements Region Manager Eng. Kagiri Gicheha noted that despite the complex challenges of servicing the informal settlements, they remain steadfast in their commitment to serving all community members.

“Through dedicated training for our customer care and social teams, we’re not just enhancing our service delivery; we’re fostering empathy, understanding, and responsiveness to the unique needs of those we serve. In its endeavour to provide equitable water and sanitation services for residents residing in informal settlements, Nairobi Water continues to seek opportunities to empower our teams to listen and truly hear, not just respond but also anticipate and exceed expectations. In doing so, we build trust and loyalty and create meaningful pathways for positive change within the communities we’re privileged to serve,” said Eng. Gicheha.